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Private medical clinic to provide high-quality independent health care services to individuals, families and companies at reasonable cost.

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Specialists doctors consultationsWe provide a range of health services: Private Gp Consultation → Cardiologist → Consultant Allergist → Consultation With Dermatologist → Endocrinology → Gynaecology & Urology → Gynaecology → Gynaecology & Women’s Health → Urology → Haemorrhoid Clinic → Laryngology Consultation → Neurosurgeon Consultation → Orthopedic Consultation → Outpatient Surgery → Paediatrician Consultation → Physiotherapy → Back Pain Treatment → Proctology → Psychiatry Consultation → Psychological Consultation/ Mental Health → Medication
Diagnostic Ultrasound ScanOur expert healthcare professionals have years of experience in medical ultrasound imaging and by using the latest high end diagnostic ultrasound equipment are capable of producing detailed imaging analysis of the human body in 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound.
Lab TestsBlood Tests: Biochemistry → Endocrinology → Tumor Markers → Inflammatory Markers → Microbiology.
Women’s Health – GynaecologyConsultant Gynaecologist
Small Surgery Sclerotherapy Treatment → Cryotherapy → Hymen Restoration → Surgical Removal Wart Cysts → Hymenotomy → Intra Uterine Device (Iud) → Labiaplasty → Urinary Incontinence → Vaginal Rejuventation → Colpolasty Or Vaginoplasty
Laser Small SurgeryLaser plastic surgery of ingrown toenail → short frenulum - Laser removal of sebaceous cyst → lipoma → fibroma → scars → moles → cancer lesions on face → fibromas of neck → torso and limbs → foot warts and virus warts → pilonidal cyst → Closing extended blood vessels → face → legs → vascular laser
ProctologyCryosurgery of hemorrhoids (depends on the extensiveness) → Cryoligation of hemorrhoids (Barron method) → Sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids → Laser removal of anal fissure → change (polyp → wart → sentinel fold) → fistula → Laser removal or Cryosurgical removal of genital warts → anal warts and warts of anal canal → Doppler ultrasound of lower veins with consultation.
Varicose Veins TreatmentDoppler ultrasound of lower veins with consultation. Varicose veins treatment: Flebogrif method → Sclerotherapy → Laser treatment

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