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The scope of our services covers all dental specialties, such as  conservative dentistry, orthodontics, surgery, implants and cosmetic dentistry . Each dentist (dentist) visiting the clinic: endodontist, prosthetist, orthodontist, surgeon or pedodontist is a high-class specialist with extensive knowledge and experience.

We are committed to providing high-quality dental care to all our patients. Our services include the provision of routine dental care, advanced restorative care and cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening. Click on any of the links on the right to find out more about a branch near you.

Aesthetic dentistry
Dental implants
Dental radiology
Family dentistry
General dentistry
Hygiene services
Periodontal treatments
Teeth whitening

The dental specialty deals with the correction of irregularities of the teeth, such as malocclusion, often by the use of braces.  Orthodontic benefits can include:

  • correction of tooth crowding and tooth straightening
  • bite correction so that the front and back teeth meet evenly
  • reducing the risk of damage to protruding teeth

Ceramic appliances
Damon’s harness
Incognito camera
Metal braces

Check Up, Preventive Dental Services, Hygiene, Extraction, Restorative, Root Canal Treatment, Oral Surgery, Dental Prosthetic, Dental Implantology, Orthodontic Services, Dental Panoramic X-Ray, OPG. 3D dental Cone Beam CT (CBCT)


Dentists and Orthodentists

SW11Clinic has highly specialized experts are deeply experienced in treating rare and complex conditions.

wdt_ID Treatment Starting From
137 PREVENTIVE DENTAL SERVICES - Local anesthesia – free
138 Dental consultation £50
139 Full dental check-up (oral exam of the gums and teeth, diagnoses any oral health problems, treatment planning, x-rays – if required) £75
140 Emergency visit with dressing (consultation, x-ray, prescription if required) £120
141 Children’s dental consultation £50
142 LED teeth whitening £185 – 45min £225 – 90min
143 Black teeth treatment – dead teeth whitening (cost per visit) £60
144 Tray whitening (upper and lower tray, 4 syringes) £225
145 Single tray + 2 whitening gels £120
146 Tray only (excluding consultation) £90

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At Tooting and Clapham Clinics, we value our patient’s time, and strive to run on time. We intentionally do not overbook our schedule to ensure the best experience for your visit. Should you be unable to keep your appointment, please contact our office at least 24 hours in advance to cancel.

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