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Laser surgery is a type of surgery that uses special light beams instead of surgical instruments.

Laser operation is derived from Albert Einstein’s stimulated emission theory and includes other theories that help explain local tissue damage. When a beam of light hits the skin, the skin can either reflect light, diffuse it, absorb light, or let light pass through different layers of the skin. Each layer of skin uses light differently.

Certain parts of the skin, called chromophones, absorb light. When these chromophones absorb light, physical, mechanical, chemical, or temperature changes can occur in the tissue.

There are many different types of lasers, including a carbon dioxide laser, a YAG laser (neodymium or yttrium navy blue), and an argon laser. They each work in a different way and can be applied to different treatment options. The laser light can be delivered continuously or intermittently. The wavelength of the laser determines the target in the skin and the effect it can cause.

There are many indications for the use of lasers in surgery. Some of the most common indications include:

Birthmarks, “moles”
Viral warts: warts, plantar warts, genital warts
Skin tumors
Ingrown nails
Corns and calluses
Overgrown scars
Skin discoloration
Capillaries of the face and legs
Caudate (hair) cyst
Phimosis, a short frenulum

wdt_ID Treatment Starting from
1 DERMATOSURGERY, MINOR SURGERY ( £50 prepayment required)
4 Laser removal of sebaceous cyst/ lipoma/fibroma/ markings of other lesions (small 0-3 stitches, medium 4-9 stitches, large 10- < stitches) £250 - £450 - £650
6 Laser removal of scars, moles, cancer lesions on face £250 – £350
7 Laser removal of scars, fibromas of neck, torso and limbs £120 – £250
8 Laser removal of foot warts £150
64 Laser plastic surgery of ingrown toenail One side (medial or side) - £390
Both sides (medial or side) - £490
Three sides (medial, side and front) - £ 590
66 Laser removal of phimosis (plastic or circumcision) £650 – £850
67 Laser plastic surgery of short frenulum £250 – £350
68 Laser removal of pilonidal cyst £550 – £1250
69 Closing extended blood vessels, face, vascular laser Cheek: £80 – £100
Nose: £80 -£100
Chin: £80 – £100
Neckline: £150 – £250
Full face: £250 – £320

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