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Tooting and Clapham Clinics unlike many traditional plastic surgery centers in London are industry-recognized experts in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, and are dedicated to providing customers.

Our Tooting and Clapham Clinics has an optimal infrastructure and medical furniture for small surgeries. While most of the surgeries performed by our doctors are done at a separate hospital or surgical center, we also have a surgical department at our clinic. This provides our patients with the convenience and safety of a sterile environment in the office to provide minor surgical procedures.

Our facilities adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and ensure a safe and sterile environment for our patients’ peace of mind. At Tooting and Clapham Clinics, we understand your time is as important to you as your health. That’s why our modern medical facilities are equipped to accommodate virtually any of our patients’ healthcare needs directly in-house.


In vascular surgery, special medical offers include the treatment of diseases of blood vessels, i.e. arteries, veins and lymph vessels.

Plastic surgery

We have recognized experts in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, and are dedicated to providing customers.


Laser surgery is a type of surgery that uses special light beams instead of surgical instruments.

wdt_ID Treatment Starting from
1 DERMATOSURGERY, MINOR SURGERY ( £50 prepayment required)
2 Consultation £120
3 Consultation with dermoscopic examination of moles £120
4 Laser removal of sebaceous cyst/ lipoma/fibroma/ markings of other lesions (small 0-3 stitches, medium 4-9 stitches, large 10- < stitches) £250 - £500 - £850
5 Surgical removal of the nail matrix £200
6 Laser removal of scars, moles, cancer lesions on face £350 – £550
7 Laser removal of scars, fibromas of neck, torso and limbs £200 – £400
8 Laser removal of foot warts £200
9 Cryosurgical removal of foot warts and virus warts £150
64 Laser plastic surgery of ingrown toenail One side (medial or side) - £390
Both sides (medial or side) - £490
Three sides (medial, side and front) - £ 590
wdt_ID Treatment Starting From
113 Consultation with Plastic Surgeon £150
114 Nose opening reduction £2050
115 Rhinoplasty £3500
116 Upper eyelid £1900
117 Lower eyelid £1900
118 Upper and lower eye lid £3500
119 Mole £400
120 Liposuction double chin + facetite £3500
121 Face + neck lift £5000
122 Neck lift (surgical) with IV £3500
wdt_ID Procedures Price in HS Price in Turkey Our Price at SW11 Clinic
188 Nose opening reduction (LA) £3500 £3500 £3500
189 Rhinoplasty (GA) £5000 £2700 £3500
190 Upper eyelid (LA) £3000 £1300 £1900
191 Lower eyelid (LA) £3000 £1800 £2000
192 Upper and lower eye lid (LA) £5000 £2500 £3000
193 Mole (skin lesion) £1000 £400 each
194 Lipofillig face £5000 £1700 £2500
195 Liposuction double chin (LA) £4000 £2500 £2000
196 Liposuction double chin + facetite £5000 £3500
197 Face + neck lift (IV sedation) £10.500 £4200 £5000

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At Tooting and Clapham Clinics, we value our patient’s time, and strive to run on time. We intentionally do not overbook our schedule to ensure the best experience for your visit. Should you be unable to keep your appointment, please contact our office at least 24 hours in advance to cancel.

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