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wdt_ID Treatment Starting From
140 Neurologist Consultation £140
141 Follow-up consultation £120

Neurology is a branch of medicine that studies and treats disorders of the nervous system. The nervous system is a complex, sophisticated system that regulates and coordinates the body’s functions. It has two main divisions: Central nervous system: the brain and the spinal cord.
The Department of Neurology conducts basic and clinical research of the nervous system and provides clinical care for people with neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, epilepsy, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, tremors, dystonia, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular diseases, headaches and sleep disturbances.

Our faculty employs leading neurologists who work to broaden our knowledge of the functions of the nervous system, as well as neurologists and psychologists dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of adults and children. We work with colleagues from across the healthcare system and work closely with the Department of Neurological Surgery to ensure multidisciplinary management of the neurological disorder syndrome. We also offer state-of-the-art diagnostic approaches, including advanced neuroimaging technologies, and access to trials of new drugs and other therapeutic approaches.

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