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Minor surgical procedures are those that are minimally invasive. In most cases, these are performed laparoscopically or arthroscopically. Small incisions are made that allow surgical tools and a small camera to be inserted into the body. This allows the doctor to perform the procedure without damaging extensive amounts of tissue. The risk of infection is greatly reduced and the patient’s recovery time is much shorter. There are also surgical procedures that are superficial, only affecting the outermost portions of the body.


Major Surgery Minor Surgery
More extensive resection is done Small incisions are made
Cause damage to the tissues No extensive damage to the tissues
A high risk of infection The risk of infection is low
Extended recovery periodn Recovery time is shorter

Minimally invasive surgery uses smaller surgical incisions, and it’s generally less risky than traditional surgery. But even with minimally invasive surgery, there are risks of complications with anesthesia, bleeding and infection.

wdt_ID Treatment Starting from
1 DERMATOSURGERY, MINOR SURGERY ( £50 prepayment required)
2 Consultation £120
3 Consultation with dermoscopic examination of moles £120
4 Laser removal of sebaceous cyst/ lipoma/fibroma/ markings of other lesions (small 0-3 stitches, medium 4-9 stitches, large 10- < stitches) £250 - £500 - £850
5 Surgical removal of the nail matrix £200
6 Laser removal of scars, moles, cancer lesions on face £350 – £550
7 Laser removal of scars, fibromas of neck, torso and limbs £200 – £400
8 Laser removal of foot warts £200
9 Cryosurgical removal of foot warts and virus warts £150
64 Laser plastic surgery of ingrown toenail One side (medial or side) - £390
Both sides (medial or side) - £490
Three sides (medial, side and front) - £ 590

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