Dr Yavor Chobanov

Dr Yavor Chobanov

Dr Yavor Chobanov – I am ENT specialist and surgeon.

I did my full degree of Medicine in Bulgaria and specialty ENT training. After few years in Bulgaria I moved to work in UK and NHS where already 13 years have been practising in some of the biggest University hospitals across England.


I did specialise ENT in Moscow,Russia and Peadiatric ENT diseases and surgery in Odessa, Ukraine.
Over the years I kept developing as a surgeon with multiple courses in Poland ,UK, Spain ,Italy, Germany, Bulgaria,Russia.
My interest is wide.

-I am a Peadiatric surgeon and treating and diagnosing

* acute and chronic tonsillitis
* enlarged adenoid for kids
* snoring and obstructive sleep apnea
* Decreased hearing in kids with fluids in ear” glue ears.
* mucrosuctioning and clearing of ear wax in kids with microscope
* Check, diagnosing and release of tongue tie in infants and kids with or without local anaesthetic.
* allergic rhinitis

-I am a general ENT surgeon with interest in nasal surgery and difficulty nasal breathing
I diagnose , treat and operate:
* deviated nasal septum with difficulty nasal breathing
* nasal polyp
* allergic rhinitis and sneezing.
* tonsillectomy for chronic tonsillitis .
* diagnosing and treating voice problems – using camera to visualise and check for benign or malignant lesions in the voice box causing changes of the voice and as well functional voice disorders.
* diagnosing and treating neck lumps
* vertigo and dizziness
* ear wax micro-suctioning with microscope

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