Dr Eva Von Schmilowski

Dr Eva Von Schmilowski

Ewa Schmilowski MD, MSc, PhD, Internal Medicine Specialist, with a special interest in acute coronary syndromes, reperfusion therapy, primary and secondary prevention in the field of internal medicine.

She received training in interventional cardiology at the Heart Hospital and the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, as well as at Columbia University in New York and the Mercy Angioplasty Hospital in Auckland.


She is the author of the book “Essential Angioplasty,” published in 2012 by Willey-Blackwell in the UK and USA, as well as a co-author of medical textbooks and numerous publications.

She holds a doctorate degree in medical sciences in the field of cardiology.

I am a certified medical doctor, a PhD holder, author, and lecturer, all with the purpose of helping people better understand the power of health optimization and the concept of balanced medicine.

My specialized knowledge is a convergence of cardiology, functional medicine, and epigenetics. I have collaborated with other scientists from major medical centers in London, New York, and Auckland, New Zealand, to conduct extensive research and publish my book titled “Essential Angioplasty.”

Through my work, I strive to assist both the scientific community and the general public in understanding health optimization, a subject extensively covered in my groundbreaking 7-week program called Grace School.

I am an honorary cardiologist at the University College London Hospital and a member of the Royal College of Physicians and the British Cardiac and Cardiovascular Society.

I have completed a Master’s degree in International Healthcare Management.

I am the author of the book “Essential Angioplasty,” published by Willey-Blackwell in both the UK and the USA, and a co-author of many medical chapters and publications.

I have founded a non-profit organization called “The Silver-Lined Heart,” inspired by the values of humility, inclusivity, and courage. The Silver Lined Heart raises funds to support people, projects, and ideas that will change the way we think about health. Details can be found at www.thesilverlinedheart.org.

Motivated by my own charitable work, I serve as a mentor for Reach Out and volunteer with Save the Children.

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