Dr Kaloyan Petrov

Dr Kaloyan Petrov

Doctor Kaloyan Petrov – Orthopedic Surgeon in London

Dr. Kaloyan Petrov is a respected trauma surgeon and orthopedist with impressive professional achievements. He got his education at the Medical University of Bulgaria. Year 2000 is the official beginning of his long and fruitful career. Another milestone in his education was specialization in ORTHOPEDICS at the renowned Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem. It is one of the largest medical centers in the Middle East, which provided him with unique knowledge and skills.

Since 2013, he has been a member of the European Orthopedic Council and is a registered orthopedic specialist with the GMC.

His education and achievements ensure that Dr. Petrov provides medical care at the highest level.


Orthopedic Doctor in London – Why Choose Doctor Petrov?

His areas of interest include not only a broad knowledge of orthopedics but also ultrasonographic examinations (USG) and procedures under USG control. These advanced technologies enable precise diagnosis and treatment, significantly enhancing therapy effectiveness.

Throughout his long professional career, Dr. Petrov has gained rich experience in all orthopedic specializations. Regardless of whether it is an injury, a problem related to a bone, joint, tendon, or difficulties related to the nervous system – he always provides professional help.

Dr. Petrov strongly believes in a biological approach to complex orthopedic issues. He successfully uses various orthobiology techniques, such as platelet-rich plasma -PRP – injections (under ultrasound control), hyaluronic acid injections, and dry needling.

Multilingual Communication:

In our Clinic we appreciate diversity. Dr. Petrov speaks English, Bulgarian and Russian, so our patients can feel confident and at ease during the consultation.

Orthopedic Scope of Treatment:

– Orthopedic examination of injuries (fractures, dislocations, or sprains) and other issues in the extremities, such as bones, joints, tendons, and nerve-related problems in adults and children.

– Investigation of spine problems, including back pain, spinal injuries, sciatic pain and spinal deformities (scoliosis)

-If necessary, organizing diagnostic tests, such as X-rays or MRI, and then interpreting the results.

– Development of a personalized treatment plan, including prescribing medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle advice.

– Application and removal of plaster casts, consultations on splinting, and orthosis application.

– Performing orthopedic ultrasound examinations to closely examine tendon or joint problems.

– Performing ultrasound examinations in newborns (infants) for hip dysplasia assessment.

– Preventive examination of the musculo-skeletal system of infants and children to detect deformities of joints, feet or spine.

– Performing injections into joints or tendons using steroids, hyaluronic acid or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) under ultrasound guidance in the case of arthritis or tendonitis.

– Performing intramuscular injections to relieve severe back or joint pain.

– Drainage of excess fluid in joints under ultrasound guidance to optimize pain and improve mobility.

– Tendon fenestration (dry needling) – a complex treatment of inflamed and chronically damaged tendons, consisting of stimulation of the inflamed area with a microneedle.

– Nodules and lumps on limbs – examination, ultrasound, and, if necessary, the possibility of further imaging tests, such as MRI or X-rays.

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