Diploma in laser in dentistry. University of Aachen, Germany.
FGDP, Royal College of Dental Surgeons, UK. He graduated with honors 16 years ago to become a university professor in the department of prosthetics. Teaching students of dentistry and treating patients in a university hospital. Devotedly graduated from a Master’s Degree in Removable Prosthetics and Implants, 2007. She attended several restorative courses where Sara mastered several cosmetic procedures such as veneers, Invisalign and facial rejuvenation at Dr. Bob Khan Institute in the UK.

Sara has extensive experience in Cairo, Dubai and the UK. Sarah has a special interest in extractions, especially surgical ones, providing them to patients with an exceptionally high level of care and promised results.

We are happy to offer all kinds of dental treatments, crowns, bridges, veneers and extractions. Full rehabilitation of the oral cavity, tooth wear management, bonding composites, we always put the patient’s interest first. When I’m not working, I have two boys and a border collie, so a lot of exercise and trips. A very lively person, believe in the power of a smile.