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Endoscopy Procedure


The procedure will depend to some extent on the reason for the endoscopy. There are three main reasons for carrying out an endoscopy:
Investigation: If an individual is experiencing vomiting, abdominal pain, breathing disorders, stomach ulcers, difficulty swallowing, or gastrointestinal bleeding, for example an endoscope can be used to search for a cause.
Confirmation of a diagnosis: Endoscopy can be used to carry out a biopsy to confirm a diagnosis of cancer or other diseases.
Treatment: an endoscope can be used to treat an illness directly; for instance, endoscopy can be used to cauterize (seal using heat) a bleeding vessel or remove a polyp.


Endoscopy is the insertion of a long, thin tube directly into the body to observe an internal organ or tissue in detail. It can also be used to carry out other tasks including imaging and minor surgery. Endoscopes are minimally invasive and can be inserted into the openings of the body such as the mouth or anus. Sometimes, kids’ allergy symptoms are mild enough to handle at home. But when they become serious or happen a lot, it’s time to see a pediatrician.


The procedure does not require an overnight stay in the hospital and usually only takes around 1 hour to complete. The doctor will provide instructions about the preparation for the procedure. For many types of endoscopy, the individual needs to fast for around 12 hours, though this varies based on the type. For procedures investigating the gut, laxatives may be taken the night before to clear the system. A doctor will carry out an examination before the endoscopy. It is important to mention all current medications (including supplements) and any previous procedures.

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includes 2 consultations, histopathology, removal of polyps, if there will be any, surgery performed under anesthesia

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The Gastroenterology Consultation

Your gastroenterology consultation appointment provides you and your doctor the opportunity to discuss your condition in-depth so you understand the condition, its prognosis, and all your treatment options.

The consultation appointment is devoted to providing you with the information you need to make informed and educated decisions about your care, including surgeries and any long-term care needs, including medication and lifestyle changes.

Usually, consultations take place once your exam and testing have been completed. The consultation appointment is also the perfect time to ask questions and discuss any concerns you have about your health or your care.

Consultation appointments can be arranged any time you feel you need to have some time set aside to talk to the doctor about your health or your care. Usually, consultation appointments are scheduled to discuss care needs and review treatment options before a surgical procedure or another treatment begins.

They may also be arranged if you would like to get a second opinion about a diagnosis or care recommendation you’ve received from another health care practitioner.

Prices detailed below

This price is inclusive of the procedure (including any biopsy/polyp and histology) as well as a medical report and the results of any biopsies taken. You will also receive a face to face follow-up consultation on the day of your procedure to discuss the results.

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