Dr Marek Stobinski : Consultant Gastroenterologis-

With the current burgeoning demands on the NHS for specialist clinic appointments, we are able to offer swift, private consultations with Dr Stobinski at one of our two private clinics in London.

Dr Stobinski specialises in gastrointestinal diseases, including the treatment of obesity, pancreatic diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases and irritable bowel syndrome, providing the full range of gastrointestinal endoscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy.

When should a Gastroenterologist be sought?

If you are persistently experiencing any of the following symptoms it is recommended that you seek immediate advice:

– Long-lasting abdominal pain
– Flatulence
– Diarrhoea, especially with blood
– Constipation
– Bleeding from the rectum
– Intestinal inflammation
– Pain when swallowing food
– Sensation of food in the esophagus
– Sudden weight loss
– Acid reflux
– Anemia
– Gluten intolerance
– Nausea and vomiting especially with blood

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