Root Canal Treatment

How to prepare to the treatment?

Canal therapy can be quite gentle, especially if you are pre-prepared. Here are some ways to prepare your root canal.

  1. Ask your dentist for antibiotics
  2. Take ibuprofen before the procedure
  3. Do not smoke or drink alcohol
  4. Eat a good meal
  5. Discuss the procedure with your dentist

If you need a root canal, you will want to find a dentist specializing in providing that treatment. Not all dentists offer root canals.

What results can you expect?

This is a disappointing fact, but a certain percentage of people will experience some level of discomfort (and possibly even swelling) after their scheduled visit to the root canal.

(B) After-care

Although root canal therapy has been completed, you should know that the tooth has not yet completely rejuvenated.

The care and precautions you take during days and weeks while you have it can have a significant impact on the end result of both of your recently rooted root canal.

What to expect during the treatment?

This is what you should expect during this treatment: initial anaesthesia, detailed drilling, fillers. When the root canal ends, you have to wait for the anaesthesia to disappear completely before eating again. Your dentist can tell you to take antibiotics to prevent other infections.

Is there a side effect?

This could lead to long-term problems, including some very serious. In fact, there are five ways that root canal can cause problems, including:

* Infection inside or outside the root canal

How long will the treatment last?

30 minutes