View our First-Class Unique Gyneacology Packages in London

We understand that cost can be an important factor when considering private health services and for self paying patients we have created packages for core services to ensure maximum clarity of what will be performed and how much it will cost.  Please use the links below to find out more information regarding individual packages.

From £399.00

Well Woman Check

Get Your Well-Woman Visit Every Year. A well-woman visit is an important way to help you stay healthy. Well-woman visits include a full checkup, separate from any other visit for sickness or injury.

From £470.00

Coil Fitting Package

Our coil fitting service is a simple solution to contraception. Every woman considering having a coil fitted (IUD, IUS, IntraUterine Device) for contraceptive purposes.

From £770.00

Follicle Tracking Package

Often the first step in fertility treatment, follicle tracking helps identify the most fertile time and can also be undertaken as part of ovulation induction. Any patient wishing to undergo fertility treatment or taking ovulation induction medication

From £490.00

Colposcopy Package

An abnormal smear result can be a worrying time. Our colposcopy package gives reassurance with a thorough analysis of the cells and treatment, if required, often within the same appointment.