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While at Our practice, you will be under the care of the consultant you have chosen or who you have been referred to, who may also involve other consultants in your care, if appropriate. Tooting Med Centre Ltd staff (like nurses or assistants) will provide your care under your consultant’s instructions.
Consultants involved in your care are independent practitioners (independent contractors) and We (Tooting Med Centre Ltd) will not be liable for any act or omission of a consultant; the consultant will be responsible for the care/treatment he or she will give you. They are required to maintain professional malpractice indemnity insurance.
Your consultant who maybe a doctor, dentist, surgeon or other specialist is an independent medical practitioner and is not employed by Us. Your consultant’s fee will be included together with our fee in your invoice from Us. Please note that we are acting as the consultant’s agents in collecting those fees.
We are not responsible for acts and omissions of consultants.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the services provided by Us or by a consultant please ask the Reception staff for a copy of our Complaints Policy, which can also be found on our website:

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Yakout Alaraji

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Yakout Al Araji, is a highly distinguished cosmetic surgeon with over 20 years of concentrated experience in the field of surgical and

MSc prosthodontics.

Diploma in Laser in dentistry. Aachen University, Germany.

FGDP, Royal college of dental Surgeons, UK.

Dentist Dr Sara Hussein

Dentist Dr Sara Hussein MSc prosthodontics. Diploma in Laser in dentistry. Aachen University, Germany. FGDP, Royal college of dental Surgeons, UK. Graduated 16 years ago


Dr. Artur Wojciechowski

The radiologist deals with somatic diseases, using various imaging methods and appropriate apparatus (classic X-ray apparatus, tomograph, computed tomograph, ultrasound scanner, radioisotope, NMR magnetic resonance

General Practicioner

Dr Thomas Medveczky

CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN IN RESPIRATORY AND GENERAL MEDICINE MRCP, PgC(Allergy), MD, PhD – Consultant Physician, Specialist in Respiratory Medicine and General/ Internal Medicine. About Doctor Dr

General Practicioner

Dr. Mateusz Pucek

I firmly believe that we all are intimately connected to the environment we came out of, and when dealing with human health, doctors need to


Prof. Dr. Dorota Dworakowska

Prof. Dworakowska has a broad clinical practice in endocrinology (thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenals, PCOS, low testosterone, endocrine problem in pregnancy and before IVF), endocrine oncology


Dr. Beata Niedzwiedzka

Dr Beata Niedźwiedzka – is a graduate of the Medical University of Lodz. In 2000, she obtained a first degree specialization in obstetrics and gynecology.


Dr Stanislaw Korzyb

Gynecologist – obstetrician, he has many years of experience necessary in this delicate and important specialization. Former head of the gynecology and obstetrics department in

General Practicioner

Dr. Ewa Schmilowski

Ewa Schmilowski MD, MSc, PhD, internist, with particular interest in acute coronary syndromes, reperfusion therapy and primary and secondary prevention in the field of internal


Mr Syed Tahir Hussain

Vascular surgeon in London Mr Syed Tahir Hussain areas of expertise: Varicose veins Peripheral arterial disease Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) Aortic aneurysms

Beauty Therapist

Dr. Katarzyna Leyko – Mazur

Katarzyna (Kate) specializes in facial treatments and skin care, which help with multiple skin conditions. With years experience and many treatments to choose from, she


Dr Hotham Whayeb

MBCHB, MICGP, MSc Women’s Health, DFSRH, DGO GENERAL PRACTITIONER with a special interest in Dr Hotham Whayeb MBCHB, MICGP, MSc Women’s Health, DFSRH, DGO GENERAL


Dr Kazimierz Dabek, PhD

Dr Dabek began his professional career in 1980 in the Obstetric and Woman’s Health Institute in Lublin, Poland, where he completed his training and gained


Dr Diana Costa

Dr Diana completed her Master’s Degree in Dentistry at the University of Lisbon in 2011 and has since been working in private practices as a


Dr Claire Fraser Taylor

MBChB (Edin), AMC, FRACS (urol and tx), FRCS, BSLM diploma lifestyle medicine. Claire Fraser Taylor trained at Edinburgh medical school, but swiftly went to Australia

1616075592_doktor Korpikiewicz

Dr Krzysztof Korpikiewicz

Dr Korpikiewicz graduated from Medical University of Gdansk, Poland, in 1999. He completed specialty training as a General Practitioner in 2005 and also obtained a


Dr Marium Ahmad Malik

Dr Marium Ahmad Malik General Dentist with special interest in dental implants, cosmetic and restorative dentistry including composite bonding, veneers and smile makeovers Lumineers certified


Dr Michal Trabka

I am a member of many national and international prestigious medical associations. I belong, among others, to the Polish Urological Society, the European Society of Urology,

Dr Giuseppe Marinaci
General Dentistry

Dr Giuseppe Marinaci,

General Dentistry, Implants Placing and Restoration, Bone Grafting, Oral Surgery     Dr Giuseppe Marinaci graduated as Doctor in Dental Surgery in 2002 from the University of Siena,

Orthopaedics dr Marek Zelinski MD PhD

Orthopaedics dr Marek Zelinski MD PhD

ORTHOPAEDIC BIOLOGICAL REGENERATIVE MEDICINE OF MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM : – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – PRP – PRP- HA [ Platelet Rich Plasma with hyaluronic acid

Beauty Therapist Cecylia Pillar
Beauty Therapist

Beauty Therapist Cecylia Pillar

Beauty Therapist with NVQ 3 qualifications, specialising in a new technology systems which provide a wide range of treatments for skin and hair removal.  

Doctor of Medical Sciences Izabela Zaleska

Dr Izabela Zaleska PHD in Cosmetology

Doctor of Medical Sciences in Poland, expert in Cosmetology. Lecturer, coach and instructor in the scope of medical and aesthetic cosmetology. Izabela Zaleska is an

Isabella Ewa Kraw – Beauty Therapist

Isabella Ewa Kraw – Beauty Therapist

Isabella has a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology and considerable experience in Mesotherapy, laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation.     Isabella will be

Dermatologist Aesthetic doctors Cosmetology

dr Alessio Mocci, General and Colorectal Surgeon

Dr Alessio Mocci General Surgeon   Specialization in GI Surgery completed at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Research and Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy Research Fellowship at

Surgeon dr Dariusz Kosatka

Surgeon dr Dariusz Kosatka

Dr Dariusz Kosatka is a highly qualified and experienced Surgeon. Dr Dariusz Kosatka graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, the Medical University of Lodz in

Dentist-Dr-Andreea-Belean kopia

Dentist – dr Andreea Pop

Gum disease treatment, Children’s Dentistry, Fillings, crowns and veneers, General dentistry and hygiene treatment, Cosmetic Dentist.

Dentist dr Anna Kyziol-Swierczek

Dentist dr Anna Kyziol-Swierczek

General Dentistry, Implants Placing and Restoration, Bone Grafting, Oral Surgery ,  Gum disease treatment, Children’s Dentistry, Fillings, crowns and veneers, hygiene treatment, Cosmetic Dentist.

dentist DONKOV

Dentist dr Donkov Bozhidar

General Dentistry with special interest in Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics and Restorative dentistry.


Orthodontist dr Konstantina Bontari

Orthodontist GDC number: 104900 Dr Konstantina Bontari was born in Greece. Raised in a family where both parents were dentists, she always wanted to follow

Dr. Hussain is available every week in our clinic