Aleksandra Świątkiewicz

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Aleksandra Świątkiewicz

Aleksandra Świątkiewicz is passionate and dedicated, with 36 years of experience in her profession. She began her professional journey at the Medical University of Łódź, where she graduated from the Faculty of Nursing with a master’s degree. To further develop her skills, she also pursued specialization in internal medicine.

She gained professional experience by working on various hospital wards over the years. In the early stages of her career, she dedicated herself to pediatric wards, caring for the youngest patients. She then worked on orthopedic, traumatology, and musculoskeletal wards, assisting patients in their recovery to full functionality. Nephrological nursing and dialysis became another area where Aleksandra gained experience, serving as a head nurse.


Since 2010, she has been living and working in London. She initially gained international experience working at the Zielona Clinic. She joined our Tooting and Clapham team in 2016, and since then, her knowledge and empathy toward patients have consistently earned recognition and respect among the entire medical staff.

Aleksandra Świątkiewicz is not only a nurse with excellent professional competence but also a person full of warmth and understanding. Her dedication to work and extensive experience make patients feel well-cared for.

We are delighted to have Aleksandra Świątkiewicz as part of our team, and her dedication and professionalism are invaluable contributions to our medical facility. Thanks to her, many patients can count on the best care and support.

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