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ENT Department - What services do we provide?

As part of our comprehensive services, we offer both ENT consultations and follow-up visits, as well as professional procedures, including cauterization, microsuction, and Epley maneuver. The first one involves closing the blood vessels in the nasal septum by cauterization, while the second one is a professional ear cleaning procedure using a microscope. We also see patients with laryngologic oncology disorders, meaning those with cancerous changes affecting areas such as the neck and head, as well as individuals dealing with nosebleeds. Our assistance is also available for clients interested in manual earwax removal, foreign body removal, and endoscopic laryngological examinations.

Our offer is highly diverse

Within it, we also perform procedures in areas such as:

What benefits can a client expect from using our otolaryngological services?

Our clients can expect medical care provided by qualified, skilled, and experienced otolaryngologists at the highest level. We have modern equipment and encompass innovative techniques in cryosurgery and laser surgery, which can make treatments even more effective. Patients appreciate the fact that our services meet the highest medical standards. In addition to that, our extensive range of services allows an even larger group of clients to benefit from our assistance.

The structure of the ear

Before proceeding with the examination, it is important to understand the complex structure of the human ear. It consists of three key parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The middle ear plays a fundamental role in the transmission of sound from the external auditory apparatus to internal structures, ultimately reaching the central nervous system.


Tympanometry- professional middle ear examination

Tympanometry is a precise diagnostic tool that provides a comprehensive assessment of the function and mobility of the eardrum and middle ear. It provides a detailed analysis of the acoustic properties of the ear, which allows to precisely identify any hearing loss and suggest further optimal treatment strategies.

The purpose of the examination:
The purpose of tympanometry is not only to identify hearing impairments but also to detect potential issues related to the functioning of the middle ear, especially in the youngest patients.


The significance of middle ear examination

Middle ear examination through tympanometry allows for the exclusion of potential dysfunctions and precise determination of the causes of any hearing loss. It is a crucial step in diagnosing and treating any issues related to the auditory system.

Our practice places particular emphasis on professionalism and diagnostic precision, allowing us to provide the highest level of medical services. Tympanometry is an integral part of our comprehensive diagnostic offering, striving to ensure patients’ complete health and auditory comfort. If you have any questions regarding tympanometry or any of the other services offered by our facility, we encourage to contact our team of medical professionals.

Otolaryngology (ENT)/Laryngologia

Dr Yavor Chobanov

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Dr Yavor Chobanov

Dr Yavor Chobanov – I am ENT specialist and surgeon.

I did my full degree of Medicine in Bulgaria and specialty ENT training. After few years in Bulgaria I moved to work in UK and NHS where already 13 years have been practising in some of the biggest University hospitals across England.


I did specialise ENT in Moscow,Russia and Peadiatric ENT diseases and surgery in Odessa, Ukraine.
Over the years I kept developing as a surgeon with multiple courses in Poland ,UK, Spain ,Italy, Germany, Bulgaria,Russia.
My interest is wide.

-I am a Peadiatric surgeon and treating and diagnosing

* acute and chronic tonsillitis
* enlarged adenoid for kids
* snoring and obstructive sleep apnea
* Decreased hearing in kids with fluids in ear” glue ears.
* mucrosuctioning and clearing of ear wax in kids with microscope
* Check, diagnosing and release of tongue tie in infants and kids with or without local anaesthetic.
* allergic rhinitis

-I am a general ENT surgeon with interest in nasal surgery and difficulty nasal breathing
I diagnose , treat and operate:
* deviated nasal septum with difficulty nasal breathing
* nasal polyp
* allergic rhinitis and sneezing.
* tonsillectomy for chronic tonsillitis .
* diagnosing and treating voice problems – using camera to visualise and check for benign or malignant lesions in the voice box causing changes of the voice and as well functional voice disorders.
* diagnosing and treating neck lumps
* vertigo and dizziness
* ear wax micro-suctioning with microscope

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