Laboratory and advanced medical tests are a crucial part of our mission to care for your health

Our experienced team of laboratory specialists works with the highest precision and care to deliver the most accurate and reliable test results. Our advanced diagnostic equipment and latest technologies enable us to perform a wide range of tests, including blood, urine, stool analysis, hormonal assays, and many others.

Innovative technologies in medical laboratories - the future of diagnostics and treatment

Innovative technologies in medical laboratories – the future of diagnostics and treatment

The development of innovative technologies is of great importance for the future of diagnostics and treatment in medical laboratories. Progress in science and technology brings advanced tools that allow for rapid and precise disease identification and personalized therapy.

One of the most significant achievements is the development of DNA sequencing technology. This enables the analysis of the human genome to detect genetic predispositions to diseases and monitor treatment responses. It opens new possibilities in the field of genetic medicine and allows for treatment tailored to individual patient characteristics.

Medical laboratories are increasingly utilizing microsystem technologies such as microchips and microsensors. These small yet powerful devices enable precise biochemical measurements, cell and tissue analysis, and even drug delivery at the microscale level. They make it possible to diagnose diseases at an early stage and monitor treatment progress.

Safety and quality in medical laboratories - Ensuring reliable results and patient protection

Medical laboratories conduct a variety of tests, such as blood, urine, microbiological, and genetic testing, which are crucial for diagnosing diseases and monitoring treatment effectiveness. To ensure the reliability of results, laboratories must operate in accordance with high safety and quality standards.

Safety in medical laboratories involves protecting laboratory personnel from hazardous chemical and biological substances, using appropriate personal protective equipment, and adhering to procedures related to sample manipulation and medical waste. All laboratory staff must be adequately trained in handling hazardous substances and know how to respond in case of accidents or emergencies.


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Mariola Kaniewska

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Mariola Kaniewska

Here is Mariola – many of you probably already know her from our recent publications. Mariola is an experienced phlebotomist who has been providing high-quality care at our Clinic for years! Get ready for a fascinating journey through her life and career path!

Mariola began her education at the Economic Technical College in Biołogard, where she gained valuable skills and her first professional experiences. However, her true passion has always been in the field of medicine, so after completing school, she took on the role of a phlebotomist.


Her professional journey started in Poland and then followed her dreams to London, where she worked as a bookkeeper at Aguafloo Care Health Care. This job allowed her to better understand the diverse needs of patients and influenced her understanding of a professional approach to healthcare.

But that’s not all! Mariola wanted to work closer to patients, so she took a job at Croydon University Hospital as a phlebotomist. She specializes in this role to this day. Precise blood sampling is a crucial element of diagnosis and treatment. That’s why we highly value her work at Tooting and Clapham.

However, her commitment to health doesn’t end with her professional aspect. Privately, Mariola is a strong advocate for a holistic approach to health. She believes in the harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, she greatly values ketogenic diets, body detoxification, as well as hydrotherapy as essential elements supporting health.

Are you curious about what Mariola has to say about phlebotomy and a holistic approach to health? Visit our Clinic and book a session! If you have any questions or need advice, Mariola is here to help.

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