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What do we deal with on a daily basis?

The spectrum of our competencies is extremely wide. However, our primary task is to help people who have lost their way on their life path. We focus on treating and examining mental illnesses, and we also have the authority to prescribe medications to patients, providing them with pharmacological assistance.

Most often, we help individuals struggling with:

Psychiatry - what does it encompass?

Psychiatry is a popular branch of medicine that deals with diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental disorders. Its goal is to help patients cope with mental illnesses and significantly improve their quality of life. Psychiatry combines a scientific approach with empathy and patient support. Specialists in this field diagnose and treat various disorders, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and personality disorders, among others. Pharmacological therapy, effective conversation, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation are often used in psychiatric treatment. This field of medicine plays a significant role in healthcare, helping people face challenges related to their mental health.


Dr Jarosław Uziałło

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Dr Jarosław Uziałło

Dr. Jarosław Uziałło graduated from the Medical Academy in 1996. From the beginning of his medical practice, he has been involved in diagnosing and treating various conditions. During his internship, he assisted in surgeries at the Oncology Center, where he remained affiliated for many years.


Dr. Uziałło’s motto, “Medicine is one,” led him to deal with all kinds of conditions in children, adults, and elderly patients.

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