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Welcome to SW11 Clinic, where we use advanced laser hair removal technology to provide effective and safe results for all skin types. Our experienced team of specialists understands the diversity of skin tones and provides personalized care.

What is the purpose of using Lumenis Lightsheer Quattro laser?

The diode laser beam is an advanced technology that precisely targets the deep layers of the skin, focusing on the hair follicles. This makes the procedure controlled and safe. The application of this technology allows the heating of the hair follicle through laser radiation emission. The melanin, a natural pigment present in the hair, absorbs energy from the laser beam, leading to permanent damage and destruction of the hair follicle.

Our diode laser is effective for individuals with fair skin as well as those with tanned or naturally dark skin. The pigment responsible for conducting the laser beam is found in the hair, but our advanced technology ensures that the surrounding tissues are not adversely affected.

For patients with very high phototype (IV or V), additional precautions may be required to achieve fast and safe results. Our experienced team of specialists always examines and analyzes the individual skin characteristics of each patient to prepare the treatment  plan to their needs and ensure the most effective and safe outcomes.

With our trusted approach and advanced equipment, you  you can be sure that you are in good hands during the diode laser treatments. We offer you an effective and comfortable way to get rid of unwanted hair, regardless of your skin tone.

Laser - Benefits

One of the main advantages of laser hair removal is its long-lasting effect. After a series of treatments, there is a significant reduction in the quantity and thickness of hair in the treated areas. Unlike other methods of hair removal such as shaving or waxing, which provide only temporary results, laser hair removal offers long-lasting or permanent effects.

Another benefit is the precision and selectivity of this procedure. Lasers used in cosmetology are designed to focus light energy on the areas with unwanted hair, minimizing the impact on the surrounding skin. This allows for precise treatment of only the areas where hair removal is desired while keeping the surrounding skin in good condition.

Additional advantages include the speed and effectiveness of the treatment. Laser hair removal allows for the treatment of larger areas of the body in one session, which speeds up the entire process. For example, large areas like the legs, back, or chest can be quickly and efficiently treated. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who want to achieve permanent hair removal on larger body surfaces.

Lumenis Lightsheer Quattro Laser

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