Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is a crucial element in caring for your oral health

During our dental hygiene visits, you will take care of plaque removal, teeth sandblasting, fluoride treatment, and receive valuable tips on proper oral hygiene and dental prevention. Our team provides an individual approach to each patient, adjusting our services to your needs and expectations.

Why is dental hygiene crucial for oral health?

Maintaining proper oral hygiene plays an incredibly important role in keeping teeth and gums healthy. Regular hygiene practices, such as brushing teeth for at least two minutes after meals, using dental floss to clean the interdental spaces thoroughly, and using mouthwash, help remove food residues, bacteria, and plaque from the tooth surfaces. Preventing the buildup of dental plaque and tartar is a key factor in minimizing the risk of tooth decay, gum inflammation, and other oral diseases. By taking care of oral hygiene, we ensure a healthy and beautiful smile while preventing potential health complications.

Key elements of dental hygiene

Key elements of dental hygiene include proper tooth brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and employing other hygiene tools. It is important to use the correct brushing techniques, which involve using a soft toothbrush and performing gentle motions from the gums to the tooth tips. Regular flossing helps remove food residues from hard-to-reach interdental spaces, preventing the formation of plaque and tartar. Additionally, using mouthwash can help to reduce the number of bacteria in the oral cavity, contributing to fresh breath and healthier gums.

Dental hygiene

Monika Swiegocka

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Monika Swiegocka

Monika is a certified dental hygienist and dental assistant. She has been working in the profession for 12 years.

At Tooting Clapham Clinics, she primarily performs hygiene procedures (scaling, polishing, and provides personalized hygiene instructions tailored to each patient’s needs). For many years, she has also served as the head nurse.


She actively participates in numerous courses and training sessions, constantly striving for personal growth and implementing modern methods and procedures at the clinic.

She values patient comfort and satisfaction, so she continuously seeks to improve in this direction. In her personal life, she is active and loves sports challenges. During the summer season, she spends a lot of time in the high mountains, and in winter, she enjoys skiing. She is full of energy, which translates into her daily motivation at work, accompanying her during hygiene appointments.

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